The team at divinely.co have a strong emphasis towards expressing your needs, but at the same time, seeking to understand your target audience. We build websites that cater to your needs.


We Can Do it All

If you are looking for a basic website for a specific event or launching a multi-site organisation that impacts several communities we can work with you.

You may be a small business or a large not-for-profit we understand the needs that the everyday online consumer is looking for.

Knowing that your website is the front door to you organisation, you want to make sure that you are creating a great first impression.

Personalised Service

Your website when launched, is not the end goal. In fact it is just the beginning, measuring the success of your site, tweaking and revising is part of the journey.  We are here to help you engage with your customer.

Responsive Design for handheld devices

Migrating existing websites to responsive and search engine friendly environments to ensure that your website gets noticed.

SEO and Marketing in a noisy world

There is so much noise that it can be very difficult to get your page seen. With strategic partnerships, we can get your page producing results quickly. From Facebook marketing to SEO – SEM help, we are here for you. 

Wordpress Websites

We use a content management system called WordPress for a reason. It is versatile, flexible and it works. 30% of the all the websites use WordPress and for peace of mind for you, we like simplicity. And WordPress can deliver simplicity.

Website Security

Google Chrome doesnt not like websites without SSL certification. All our websites are built using this technology to protect you and your customers data.

You don't get a book printed and leave in the warehouse!

The website is the same, just because it was rebuilt, doesn’t make the people come. It certainly helps by redesigning it to current standards, but ensuring that it gets seen is another chapter in the book of your story you are telling.

It requires a budget to get it promoted. Sure there is some organic efforts that help,  such as regular content updates, but the reality is, it requires a target approach to get those call to action. Our team can help you find the most suitable options for you.

Your Message Matters

I do what I do, because people matter! Relationships matter.


In all my conversations with people and businesses that struggle, it’s often because of a culture of managing people or relationships.


Your website is the start of that relationship. If we can help you build a healthier and stronger business through connecting the relationship between your website and your customers… to us that is a win.


We help you get that!


Murray Boyton


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